Trade Union Practice

  • NQF Level 4,Credits  150,Qualification Title : Trade Union Practice58337

Product Description

The work of Trade Unions has over many years evolved to become a professional task for execution.

This has a potential to lead to exploitation and inequality on a number of areas; gender, race and class.

At micro level, any workplace which has unsound employment relations, we point fingers at the ShopStewards.

And on the other hand, any workplace with sound and fair labour practice, we will point fingers on ShopStewards on their good work.

Shop Stewards must manage this inherent contradiction with a lot of calibre[e] and pedigree, with both theory and practice, to attain labour power.

A Trade Union Practice Qualification is a product of all Federation’s input, with other providers, who were enlisted and registered with the South African Qualifications Authority [Registration No. 58337] in which workers’ representatives must be equipped on various deliverables;

  • Develop the knowledge, skills and competence of aspiring Trade Unionists
  • Develop organizational skills to build strong Unions across all levels
  • Understand the Political Economy
  • Understand Labour Law and other labour legislation in south Africa and elsewhere
  • Understand the essence of Collective Bargaining and all organizing components
  • Understand others forms of exploitation, discriminations and plan to uproot them, and also
  • Promote international labour standards as adopted at the International Labour Organizations [ILO]


Pillars of popular educationdeveloping an understanding and analysis of historical methodological contributions of popular education

  • Exploring how Freirean dimensions may be reinvented within specific contexts and settings today
  • Examining the implications, challenges and possibilities of new models of popular education from a comparative perspective
  • Facilitate collaborative projects and partnerships between workers and their communities to popularise popular education methodology


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