Environmental Education

  • NQF Level 4,Credits 121,Qualification Title:  National certificate: Environmental Education 22900
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Product Description

This qualification will be useful for entry level environmental education (EE) practitioners or interns. They will ideally work under ongoing
supervision of a more experienced practitioner.

People with this qualification will be able to:

  • Support a more qualified and / or experienced EE practitioner to organise, administer and implement environmental learning program’s, action projects or campaigns
  • Organise and carry out particular activities within an environmental learning program, action project or campaign
  • Draw on the local and national environmental networks in order to research or address a particular environmental topic or issue
  • Practitioners will be qualified to teach in particular contexts in which they have environmental knowledge, understanding and insight; for example in nature reserves and protected areas, cultural and natural heritage sites, industry and local communities. They will work with others to make a
    meaningful contribution to the environment through education.

This level 4 qualification was designed in order to provide a much-needed entry-level qualification for environmental education practitioners.
Many people working in community projects, non-governmental organisations and conservation agencies have been practicing as environmental
educators without formal training or qualifications. Despite considerable experience and insight, without a Further Education and Training
Certificate (FETC) they are unable to gain entry to level 5 qualifications. This level 4 qualification will provide these practitioners with an
FETC facilitating entry to qualifications in the Higher Education and Training (HET) band.

The level 4 unit standards will enable organisations training and employing full-time or part-time environmental educators to structure training
according to nationally recognised standards.


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