Community Practice

  • NQF Level 3
  • Credits 120
  • Qualification Title : Community Development Practice 66749
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Product Description

This Qualification aims at ensuring that qualified learners can support and cultivate critical thinking and decision-making among community members, gain project administration and, therefore, leadership competence. Qualified learners are able to participate in decision-making, and facilitate bridge building between and cohesion among government departments, and government and communities, and can participate effectively in poverty eradication initiatives. By setting a minimum standard, the quality of development practice education and training will improve, and, therefore, the general field of education, training and development.

It facilitates access to, and mobility and progression within education, training and development, and career paths in development practice and related fields. By crediting learning achievements, the many development practitioners who have not had access to the education and training system will receive recognition for their existing competences, redressing past unfair discrimination in education, training and employment opportunities. At the core of development practice lies the full personal development of each learner and those they work with, and the social and economic development and transformation of the nation at large, including the eradication of poverty.

Qualified learners are capable of:
Facilitating development activities in community settings.

  • Gathering information regarding communities that is relevant for development.
  • Identifying existing and potential conflict in community activities that impact on development practice.
  • Enhancing sustainability of development interventions.
  • Creating a conducive environment for development interventions in non-structured situations.
  • Presenting information to stakeholders about community activities.
  • Advocating and organising campaigns and activities appropriate for specific community needs.


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